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2-way carbon connector/extension

(Item no.: CKC 3001 1000)
We use high-quality, first-class prepregs based on epoxy resins to manufacture our lightweight carbon connectors. The even distribution of fibre directions in our materials means you can be sure of a balanced performance. Make sure you assess and test your construction for stiffness, strength and functionality, as every application has unique properties.

The best adhesive for our connectors is 2-component epoxy glue. At Carbon Webshop, we recommend Araldite 2029-1, an adhesive that flows evenly into the glue chambers.
To order adhesives, please go to the ‘Adhesives’ page on this website.
Density: 1,6 gr/cm³
Weight: 40 gram
Surface finish: Smooth outside and rough inside
Fiber direction: Distributed evenly
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CKC 3001 1000 


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