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3D 3-way carbon connector

3D 3-way carbon connector
3D 3-way carbon connector
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With these carbon fiber connectors you can glue-assemble a lightweight frame. Combine the various connectors with 25x25mm square tubes.

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CKC 2503 2000  


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3-dimensional 3-way Carbon connector fitting on the Rectangular Carbon Fibre tubes 25 x 25 mm.

With RefiFLEX ® we offer engineers and constructors a flexible and simple method for making lightweight frames and constructions where rigidity is essential.
By using glued carbon connectors, heavy aluminium or plastic couplings with mechanical connections are unnecessary. The carbon composite materials are stainless and resistant to many chemical substances.

All our composite rectangular tubes and connectors are produced under strict specification with High Strength carbon fibres and epoxy resins.
The Carbon Fibre structure of the rectangular tubes and connectors is precision-determined. This means that the strength is equal in all directions and is adjusted to the rectangular tube.
However, the user must decide for himself whether the coupling piece and the frame construction are sufficiently strong. After all, every frame has a different composition.

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Jens de Goeij - 24-05-2017 12:57

Zeer makkelijk systeem en elegant systeem!

Gebruikt voor het bovenframe van een autonome robot waarbij het zwaartepunt zeer laag moest liggen.


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