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Different production techniques for round carbon profiles.

Standard carbon tubes can be distinguished in three different basic types in which the choice depends on the performance you are looking for in the application. The three types basically have different fiber directions, which results in different bending and torsional performance.. In addition, there is also a considerable price difference between the three types.

Production principles

  Price Performance Finish
 1.Pultrusion Low Single Low
 2. Pullwinding Middle Multi Middle
 3. Prepreg High Multi High incl. lacquer

Pultrusion Technology

Pultrusion is a continuous production process whereby dry carbon fibers are pulled through a resin bath and then through a heated core. The profile then passes through an oven for curing. The last step is to cut to lengths of maximum 6 m. As no transverse fibers are applied The tube stiffness is therefore only longitudinal because no transverse fibers have been applied, so a pultrusion tube cannot absorb torsional loads. The exterior is unpainted and without fabric finish.

Pullwinding Technology

In this technique, the base tube is produced in a similar way to a pultrusion tube, but a rotation winding (2) is applied in the process, usually at a 30 to 90 degrees angle. This gives the tube a versatile performance character for both bending and torsion loads. The fiber distribution for standard pipes is approximately 80% in the longitudinal direction and 20% in the transverse direction (90°). The exterior is unpainted but has a winding finish.

Prepreg Technology

The prepreg technology, also known as roll-wrap technology, uses impregnated carbon fabrics that are laminated around a core in different orientations. The fibre structure in this type of production is both the longitudinal (0°) and transverse (90°). The standard tube has approx. 80% in longitudinal direction (UD) and 20% in transverse direction. A carbon fabric is applied as a top layer to ensure a high-quality exterior finish. This fabric can be made in both ‘Plain’ and ‘Twill’ look. As standard the tubes are finished with a high-quality high-gloss lacquer as standard. Optionally a matt finish is available.
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