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Assembling (Industry service)

For industrial clients we also provide post-processing such as CNC-milling, but we also glue and assemble entire frames and constructions. For production, Refitech uses special equipment and ensures optimal extraction to make sure the carbon composite is adequately tooled. 
From drilling, to cutting, CNC milling, gluing, and mounting: the possibilities are endless when it comes to post-processing. For machining sheet material, we can cut complex contours using waterjet cutting and CNC milling.
Please send Refitech your DXF, STP, and PDF product files and our engineers will assess the options, come up with a technical proposal and a matching quotation.

Are you interested? Please contact us for more information and we can discuss the possibilities. 

Benefits of buying at Carbon Webshop:
  • An extensive assortment of carbon components 
  • Prototype construction and series production
  • Products are available from stock
  • Technical advice from composite engineers 
  • Data sheets and specifications are delivered with all carbon profiles 
  • Knowledge of processing, assembling and bonding composite components 
  • RefiFLEX: Full Carbon modular building systems
Sawing and shortening tubes
The Carbon Webshop can shorten profiles to any desired length. This means you don’t have to cut the product yourself or worry about extraction, or use of the right equipment, for we will gladly help you with post-processing.
In the table you can choose the number of kerfs you would like. When ordering, there is a header with ‘note’; there you can write the exact lengths and dimensions you want produced.
We will then contact you (if necessary) to briefly review your order. Any remaining sheet material is included.

Sawing plates and contour cutting
Refitech can cut plates and sandwich panels to your preferred size.In the Carbon Web Shop, choose the correct panel size. This obviously means that if you want Refitech to shorten a tube, you choose a tube that is larger than your preferred size.
When you are about to place your order, on the bottom just under the header ‘Monitoring’ youcan find a text box named ‘comments’. There, you write what kind of post-processing service you would like + the number of kerfs or drilling holes.

NOTE: 1 kerf means Refitech will cut in either length or width.Both a length and width cut are therefore 2 kerfs.
If necessary, after you placed the order, Refitech will then contact you to briefly review your order. Any remaining sheet material will be sent along with the finished product. 

Carbon Webshop has selected a versatile set of adhesives for you that can be used in bonding composites and metals.

With these two-component epoxy adhesives you can make incredibly strong and dynamically resilient connections. Epoxy adhesives generally have a relatively high inherent strength, are resistant to oils and solvents, and show relatively little shrinkage when cured. With these adhesives strong, high-load joints can be made; replacing traditional fasteners such as rivets and screws. 
If two parts are connected with an epoxy glue, we define that as a structural connection.

A data sheet with specific properties is added to each glue. In addition to individual tubes, you can also buy a starter set with all the necessary materials for gluing.

CNC post processing
CNC milling and waterjet cutting also belong to the post-process possibilities, please ask us for more information by E-mail.
Drilling & cutting

Here you may add kerfs and / or drill holes to your ordered product. Please fill in the amount of drill holes and / or kerfs to your order and the price is calculated according to the following table.

    Drill hole diameter: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 mm.
Kerfs, art. code NBZ 0001 001   Drill holes, art. code NBZ 0001 001
 quantity  for each kerf incl. VAT  quantity  for each hole, incl. VAT
1  € 23,50 1  € 20,70
2  € 11,75 2  € 10,35
3  € 10,35 3  € 8,50
4  € 9,80 4  € 7,85
5  € 8,95 5  € 6,20
        Specials: at request

The accuracy for the position of the drill hole or kerf is 2 mm +1 or -1 mm. Please send us a drawing with the stated positions by e-mail. Click here to send us your drawing.

Some safety tips when it comes to bonding, drilling and cutting of composite products:

  • Work in a room with good ventilation and extraction.
  • Always use safety glasses and gloves.
  • Wear long-sleeved clothing and use a dust mask to protect your respiratory tract.
  • Provide sharp and good tools. This prevents damage to your carbon products.
  • Ensure a clean, dust-free and tidy workplace. This will benefit your end result!

Drill hole

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Drill hole

€ 20,70
In stock
Drill hole

Drill hole

€ 20,70

You can add your cuts or drilling holes. We will do this by hand. The accuracy with regards to the position of the drill hole or cut is 2 mm., +1 or -1 mm. The price is a surcharge on top of the standard product price.
The costs for post-processing consist of: a startingfee and a tier price for the X amount of drilling holes and/or kerfsPlease send us a drawing with the stated positions by e-mail. If you have any other wishes, please contact us by e-mail for more information or a quotation. E: All prices include 21% VAT.



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€ 23,50
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€ 23,50

Customising your ordered product, by means of a kerf / multiple kerfs. The tolerance(s) for saws are +/- 1 mm.

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