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Industrial Services

Assembling (Industry service)

For industrial clients we also provide post-processing such as CNC-milling, but we also glue and assemble entire frames and constructions. Are you interested? Please contact us for more information and we can discuss the possibilities. 

CNC post processing and assembling

Refitech uses special production equipment and tools to make sure the carbon composite parts are adequately tooled. 
Dilling, cutting, CNC milling, gluing and assembly: our possibilities are endless when it comes to post-processing.
We make prototypes and assemble complete products in series. 

Our composite engineers will discuss your product and will come with solutions.

Buying at Carbon Webshop brings you many advantages:
  • An extensive assortment of carbon components 
  • Prototype products and series production
  • Products are available from stock
  • Technical advice from experienced composite engineers 
  • Data sheets and specifications are available 
  • Knowledge of processing, assembling and bonding composite components 
  • RefiFLEX: Full Carbon modular building systems
 Are you interested? Please contact us for more information


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