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Composite plates

Carbon Web Shop offers you a broad assortment of composite plates.

What is a composite plate?

composite plate is basically a plate made out of composite materials, i.e. a resin and a fibre. Its mechanical evaluation is more detailed than a normal isotropic plate as it has different material properties in different directions. Composite materials are very light and strong and hence much used in aircraft and spacecraft industries. They are also readily available.

The carbon fiber plates are laminated with prepreg carbon fibre and epoxy resin. The top layer is a "twill" fabric with the well-known and attractive carbon look. In the core the carbon fibres have been placed in the longitudinal and transverse direction. This gives the plate optimal strength and rigidity. The plates are available in standard thicknesses of 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4 and 6 mm.

The benefits of composite plates

  • High strength and stiffness with low weight
  • Excellent fatigue resistance
  • Dimensional stability: Low to Zero CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion)
  • Extreme low weight
  • Easy to use in a big variety of applications

Applications: lightweight frames for machine building and product handling systems, lightweight constructions, medical equipment, model building, drones and much more. 

These plates are available in standard dimensions and multiple versions. On request, Refitech can cut plates to your preferred size. We also offer CNC-milling and waterjet cutting to carve out complex contours.
For more information, we refer you to the page ‘post-processing’. 

In case you have got any questions about carbon, our products, an application or construction, we urge you to contact us to find a suiting solution together. 

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