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Carbon for machinery

Industrial applications
Our standard carbon profiles, connectors and panels are applied in many different ways in various industries. Here are some of the benefits of using carbon:
- With carbon you can create lighter, stiffer and stronger constructions than with regular materials, such as aluminium, metal or stainless steel
- Our epoxy-based standard products are extremely corrosion-resistant, long-lasting and also have a high degree of chemical resistance
Make use of our one-stop shop services
Not only do we deliver excellent products, we also offer a wide range of services:
- CNC milling for your profiles or panels
- Contour water cutting based on your CAD files
- Assembly of carbon parts in small batches according to client specifications
Our methods
We are eager to team up with you to achieve the best results possible. Our approach is as follows:
- Based on your requirements and needs, we offer you a proposal
- Along with this proposal, we discuss prices and a delivery schedule with you
- Your drawing, with its specifications, is the basis for production
- If desired, based on your forecast, we can compile a delivery on a quarterly basis (Carbonwebshop already does this for various industrial clients)

The benefits of carbon fibre
There are many benefits to having carbon fibre machine components, such as:
- Weight saving
- Higher movement and production speeds
- Chemical resistance
- No corrosion
- Longer durability
- Lower service standstill
- Less wear on propulsion engines, axles and bearings
- Higher output from your mechanical production than with aluminium or stainless steel parts
- Higher measurement accuracy due to a very low expansion coefficient

Examples of different industrial uses:
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