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Carbon for yacht building

Carbon for yacht building
Composite products have many successful applications in the maritime and nautical sector, since composite is weather- and also highly chemical-resistant. Carbon profiles are also good for producing very light, stiff and strong constructions.
Some examples of what tubes are used for:
- Mast
- Spinnaker pole
- Flagpole
                                                 - Support beam
Other characteristics of carbon tubes
  • Our tubes are finished with a high-quality, high-gloss varnish that will undoubtedly add pleasure to your ship or yacht
  • For speed boats and sailing yachts we regularly deliver milled or cut, made-to-measure panels that are used in the wheelhouse and for finishings on the dashboard, gauge housing or navigation control unit
  • Standard solutions, but also made-to-measure products
  • Small or large batches
Composite 3D solutions
An example of a 3D shaped part is composite casing. These are often used as covering for electronics or (parts of) the engine compartment. A composite casing is 3D free-form, impact-strong and chemical resistant. As a finishing touch, we can also add varnish and print to your product. For more information or to request a quotation, please send us an e-mail.
Do you want to receive information about client-specific carbon products? Please contact Refitech, the manufacturer behind the Carbonwebshop.
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