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Carbon High Precision tube 25x25x1500mm Twill

Carbon High Precision tube 25x25x1500mm Twill
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Square High Precision Carbon Epoxy tube with precise inner and outer dimensions. Executed with a smart "twill" top layer. Beautiful lightweight tube, for applications such as RefiFLEX ® 25S.

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CKO 2525 1500 HP 


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The tubes are made of High Strength Carbon fibres and epoxy resin. The outside has a nice "twill" weave, whereby the carbon fibres are woven in different angles, which gives the tubes great strength and stiffness at a minimum weight. When it comes to flexing, these carbon tubes perform much better than metal ones. 

The carbon tubes have been developed to be combined with RefiFLEX ® 25S connectors. The tubes are often used in lightweight and rigid frames for mechanical engineering and product handling systems, as well as structures requiring minimal flexing and weight. Other uses include medical equipment and special automotive applications.

The square carbon tubes can be cut to size on request. We can also provide post-processing such as drilling and CNC milling.

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