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Returns and cancellations

  • I made a mistake in my order, can I cancel?

If this happens, we kindly ask you to contact us as soon as possible via We then make sure to cancel your order.

  • I would like to return a product, how can I do this?

If you would like to return a product, please be sure to let us know within 14 days. Fill in the online form and send the product back to us.

  • What is the return deadline of a product?

Unadjusted products can be send back within 14 days. 

  • Can I return customized products?

Unfortunately this is not possible.

  • I am not satisfied with a product, what can I do?

We kindly ask you to contact u via

  • I received a damaged product, what can I do?

We kindly ask you to contact u via

  • Do I pay for return shipment?

Iff you sent back your purchased goods you will pay these transport costs as mentioned concerning our General Terms.

Can't find your question? Sent your email to We will try to answer your email within 24 hours.

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