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Pultrusion profiles


The Carbonwebshop has expanded its product range with various pultrusion profiles. These will appear in stages on the website, but are already available on request in lengths beginning at 10 metres.

Pultruded profile production is partially automated. We pull dry fibres through a guide mechanism and a resin bath. This creates products with a completely axial fibre alignment.

- Carbon, glass and basalt fibre reinforced profiles
- Fibre volume fraction: +/- 65%
- Applied resins: epoxy, polyester or vinylester
- Standard lengths: 1 or 2 metres (we can produce up to 6 metres in length by special request)

Carbon fibre rods
In order to produce carbon fibre rods, dry carbon fibres are impregnated with resin and pulled through a guide mechanism. This produces a smooth product with a tolerance of +/- 0.1 mm. For higher accuracy we can grind the rods upon request – that is, client-specific – to a tolerance of +/- 0.03 mm.

At the Carbonwebshop we sell standard rods with High Tenacity fibres (HT) with a maximum diameter of 20 mm and an elastic modulus (E-modulus) of 80,000 MPa. Upon special request and for client-specific applications we can also produce rods from High Modulus material (HM).

Carbon fibre pultrusion tubes
We produce our carbon fibre pultrusion tubes in a similar way to the rods (see above). With pultrusion tubes the fibres are also axially oriented along the length of the tube. This makes these tubes particularly suitable for uses that require high bending stiffness and pressure resistance, but that cannot withstand any torsional load. For flexural-torsional applications, you will need our laminated tubes.

Our pultrusion tubes are available in diameters varying from 0.7 to 28 mm and in 1 and 2 metre standard lengths.  We can produce tubes of up to 6 metres in length by special request.

Fibreglass strengthened tubes and rods
Fiberglass profiles in rod or tube format are available in diameters ranging from 1 mm to 30 mm, with either a white or black finish. The standard lengths are 1 or 2 metres; on request, we can produce profiles of up to 6 metres in length. The fibreglass reinforced rods can also be grinded into a cylindrical shape according to client wishes. Varnishing and printing are also possible.

We can also incorporate wiring for signal transmission into the fibreglass material. These cables can be produced in rolls of unlimited length, but we do not offer them as a standard product. More information about this will soon be published on the Carbonwebshop web pages.
Examples of uses for rods reinforced with fibreglass:

  • Antennas
  • Sports equipment (Flexi-bar)
  • Horse riding whips
  • Golf clubs
  • Aerial and drone systems

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