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RefiFLEX ® lightweight frames

RefiFLEX ® universal carbon components for lightweight constructions
You want to connect carbon tubes and tubes. RefiFLEX ® is a unique construction system of carbon fibre components for building lightweight structures. The range includes round and square carbon fibre connectors that can be assembled in combination with the round and square tubes, to make a 100% carbon fibre construction, extremely low in weight, and with optimal strength and rigidity.

By using glued carbon connectors, heavy aluminium or plastic couplings with mechanical connections are unnecessary.

With RefiFLEX ® we offer engineers and constructors a flexible and simple method for making lightweight frames and constructions where rigidity is essential. Carbon fibre components do not rust and are resistant to many chemical substances.

RefiFLEX ® components are available in two versions:
RefiFLEX ® 30R: Around 30mm carbon tubes and connectors
RefiFLEX ® 25S: 25x25mm square carbon tubes and connectors

Applications: industrial automation and robotization. Gripper frames, pick & place machines and injection moulding machines with high speed and accurate handling
Stand and stage construction, industrial frames, frames for visual applications and for constructions that must be fust and chemical resistant.

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