Carbon High Strength Panel 1220x620x2mm

Article Number: CPL 2062 122 HS

388,77 incl VAT

The High Strength panels are laminated using industrial T700 fibres and produced in the Netherlands. The combination of uni-directional and twill fabrics ensure a high strength performance of this product. The strength of the sheet is evenly distributed 50°-50° in both longitudinal and transverse direction. The surface is silk gloss and has a 3K twill fabric look. The carbon material is chemically resistant, does not corrode, is dimensionally stable and virtually insensitive to shrinkage or expansion.

Using Araldite 2031 epoxy glue, inserts, tubes and other items can be attached. The panels with a thickness of 10 and 12mm are not kept in stock but are produced after an order is placed (+- 10 production days).


Lightweight frames for machine building and product handling systems, lightweight structures, medical equipment, model building, drones and more.

Quantity Discounted Price
10 - 24 349,89
25 - 99 318,79
Carbon Post Processing

Besides our ‘ready to ship’ standard products, we offer industrial services and post processing for both the professional and private sector.

Waterjet Cutting
A way to cut shapes from almost any sheet material. This form of processing ensures clean cuts, consistent and high quality and no distortion or change in colour. Customers have the freedom to cut contours from standard composite panels.
CNC Milling
A technique for milling many different shapes accurately and quickly. We have two automated milling machines for composite work, so all standard products can be milled to your requirements.
CarbonWebshop can shorten round and rectangular tubes, and saw plates and panels to any desired length. You do not have to cut yourself and think about special tools and suction; we are happy to do it for you. We also offer special adhesives and accessories for properly bonding carbon to carbon or metal.
Weight 1900 g
Dimensions 1220 × 620 × 2 mm