The Netherlands
Van der Valk Shipyard
Super Yacht Sundeck
The Test of Time

From humble roots in the 1960s, Van der Valk today has launched a global fleet of over a thousand vessels which are spread across Europe and the world. It has finessed the art of yacht building in direct response to how people experience being in close proximity to the water. Van der Valk Shipyard is the only Dutch yard in the 18 to 45-metre range to build first-class aluminium hulls in-house and take care of all outfitting and finishing.

As a family-run company with a pedigree spanning several generations, Van der Valk understands the value of keeping their word and creating yachts that stand the test of time. They build boats that perform as well as they look, and see Van der Valk owners as members of the family who are regularly welcomed home, often for new orders.

The Project

At the beginning of 2019, Van der Valk launched a new line in their impressive catalogue, the BeachClub 600 series, winner of the prestigious “World Yachts Trophies” award at the 2019 Cannes show for “Most Innovative Yacht” in the 45ft to 64ft category.

In December of 2021, Carbonwebshop/Refitech was contacted by Van der Valk to design and build a custom carbon fiber sundeck for their latest yacht, the BeachClub 660 Flybridge. This super yacht labelled “Alvali”, was showcased during the 2022 Dubai Boat Show that took place from 09-13 March in the United Arab Emirates.

The client had a few demands for this particular design. First of all, it should blend into the luxurious design of this beautiful yacht. The sundeck should consist of 6 carbon fiber poles. In this way the client is able to protect two different areas of the yacht from direct sunlight, both the front deck and the middle deck. It was necessary that all 6 carbon fiber tubes have the possibility to be easily installed on the deck when the yacht is moored. And of course they should be as easy disconnected and stored away when the yacht is sailing out. Due to the limited dimensions of the provided storage space, the 2 front carbon tubes should have the possibility to be taken apart so they fit into this space.

High Performance Tubes

For this project we used our High Performance tube with a dimension of 60x56mm and a wall thickness of 2mm (CBU 6056 2010 TG). These tubes are always ready to order directly from stock, available in a maximum length of 2000mm, and are laminated from high-quality carbon fibres and epoxy (Pre-Preg). They have an attractive carbon fibre outer layer, finished with a high gloss or satin PU-coating. The fibres are laminated in two directions (0° and 90°) in the core. This ensures an optimal strength and stiffness, and low weight. The outer diameter tolerance is +/- 0,2mm. A sleek, attractive tube with the “real carbon look”.

Client-Specific Inserts

Van der Valk Shipyard manufactured deck sockets (with an M12 screw thread) that are integrated in different areas of the yacht. This “female insert” would give the client the option to mount the carbon tubes in the easiest way possible while setting up the sundeck.

In close collaboration with Van der Valk’s Engineering Department, Refitech produced a combination of 3 client-specific inserts that would be assemblied into the carbon fibre tubes. These inserts are CNC-milled out of stainless steel (polished to fit with the vibe of the yacht) and POM (Polyoxymethylene) which is a thermoplastic used in the manufacturing of precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability for the harsh environment (a combination of high temperatures and salty sea air) that occur in the United Arab Emirates.

Two male steel inserts (M12 screw thread) are designed to mount the tubes into the deck sockets. The combination of male and female inserts (both with M12 screw thread) give the client the option to unscrew the front poles (2000mm) into 2 smaller tubes (2x 1000mm) for easy storage.