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Carbon webshop is the place to be for lightweight carbon fibre products. Our assortment of carbon tubes, pipes, and connectors gives you the opportunity to design and compile your own lightweight constructions. 

Carbon web shop is an online platform of the company Refitech. Because of over thirty years of experience in carbon composite, Refitech is able to guarantee its customers nothing but top-quality products. In addition to that, we support companies and engineers in crafting carbon composite designs. 

Refitech also produces customised products. From composite to engineering to prototypes, small or big batches, anything is possible. For more information, please contact us or have a look at our website.
Apart from our ‘standard’ and costumed products, Refitech also sells drills, saws, glues, and all sorts of lacquers. If you have any questions with regards to design or post-processing (think of CNC milling and waterjet cutting), please contact us. We will be glad to help you. 

What is carbon?

Carbon consists of carbon fibres, which are twined and turned into yarn. From there on, the carbon can be assimilated into all sorts of shapes and forms, with endless possibilities and applications. Examples include: connectors, tubes, pipes, and plates.
There are many benefits to the use of carbon. For example, the density of carbon is lower than steel, but it has significantly more tensile strength. Because of this, carbon is particularly suitable for applications where construction is ought to be lightweight, but also stiff and strong.
Another advantage of carbon is that this material is highly sustainable, for it does not oxidise under the influence of oxygen and water. 

Application of carbon 

Flexibility, strength, low weight, and durability make for an excellent product that can be used for all sorts of purposes. The ‘standard’ products offered in this web shop are ideal for use in industrial markets, in which goods are often required to deliver maximum performance and are ought to be of premium quality. 
Our products are perfectly applicable in machine, model, and yacht building, forestry, water sports, aerial systems, facade cleaning, light-sport aircrafts, and car- and motorsport. 

When it comes to sustainable solutions in construction and infrastructure technology, carbon is your best friend.
Carbon Fiber square and round tubes
carbon fiber panels
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