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Custom Carbon Fiber Sheets

CarbonWebshop is part of Refitech. At CarbonWebshop you can purchase standard carbon plates and carbon sandwich panels. For custom carbon fiber sheets we refer you to Refitech.

Refitech Composite Solutions

Composite panels come in many compositions and designs for various applications and markets. Are you looking for a custom carbon panel in series? Are you looking for technical knowledge and experience for a special application? Then Refitech is the right supplier of composite panels with special material properties and finishes. We take into account your wishes regarding quality, mechanical properties and high tolerances in weight or size. Refitech is a specialist in more complex assemblies with critical dimensions. With our CNC milling machine, we can produce all kinds of pockets, contours or inserts in many different materials within small tolerances. Refitech focuses on series production of composite panels, from +/- 20 pieces. Many dimensions of custom carbon sheets are possible.

The material compositions of sandwich panels are always very specific per application and functional requirements. Examples of applied core materials include:

  • Airex
  • Rohacell
  • Honeycomb
  • PIR
  • Styrofoam
Realized applications

Refitech develops and manufactures the right panel or sheet for your specification. No standard product, but exactly what you need.

  • Composite sandwich panels for Air-cargo
  • Composite fire retardant panels
  • Sandwich panels with a customer-specific top finish
  • High Strength | Impact composite panels
  • X-ray transparent panels
  • 2D formed assemblies
  • Panels with customer-specific edge finishes and mounting inserts
  • High-impact panels for safe rooms

Contact us to talk about the possibilities.

  • Composite assemblies with sandwich core
  • Top layers of composite, aluminium, plastic
  • Integration of plywood, aluminium, steel and pipes
  • CNC milling of insert pockets and contours