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About CarbonWebshop

CarbonWebshop based in Waalwijk (The Netherlands), is the supplier of standard carbon components for various industries. The company behind the CarbonWebshop is Refitech, which is specialised in the serial production of high-quality carbon components since 1989. Via our online portal, we offer standard products, including the respective data and information about the material. It is our vision and goal to make lightweight construction with carbon components accessible for every engineer in the industry. Innovative solutions with carbon construction components are now more accessible than ever. Based on an extensive range of panels, profiles, connectors and special inserts, it is easy for you as an engineer to work with these products. The materials are available per length and per unit, and you can also easily add a standard processing step, such as cutting a tube to size, to your shopping basket.

Do you have a design in which various contours and openings have to be made? Then we will be happy to help you on the basis of a quotation. Please feel free to contact us.

The focus within the online platform is mainly on the range of available products. Every year, we launch all kinds of new products and solutions that we think will be useful to you as a designer. Are you looking for a different size or dimensions of a product? If so, we can produce this for you as a customised product when you require a series or batch. We do not offer one-off products with different dimensions, as everything in the webshop is geared towards short delivery times from stock and construction using the available products.

Have you produced a nice construction? If so, we are happy to tell our customers about it. We will gladly place your design as a success story in our shop to inspire our community with innovations.

CarbonWebshop and Refitech have +30 years of experience in carbon composites.

In line with our inventory of “ready to ship” standard products, we offer industrial services and post processing for both the professional and private sector.

Waterjet Cutting
A way to cut shapes from almost any sheet material. This form of processing ensures clean cuts, consistent and high quality and no distortion or discolouration. Contours can be cut from standard composite panels.
CNC Milling
A technique for milling many different shapes accurately and very quickly. We have two automated milling machines for composite work, so all standard products can be milled to your requirements.
Post Processing
Precision machining of composite products is a specialism. It requires experience, special tools, and safe and dust-free production areas. Refitech and CarbonWebshop have this specialist experience in house.
CarbonWebshop can shorten round and rectangular tubes, and saw plates and panels to any desired length. You do not have to cut yourself and think about special tools and suction; we are happy to do it for you. We also offer special adhesives and accessories for properly bonding carbon to carbon or metal.
Assembly of Interfaces & Inserts
In addition to various automated operations, we also provide complete gluing and assembly of frames and inserts for industrial customers. From prototyping to a series of +100pcs.
CarbonWebshop has specialists focused on composite, because the conditions are different from those for steel.

We have two automated milling machines especially for composite work (glass fibre and carbon). All standard products can be processed according to your requirements. CarbonWebshop offers support by thinking along about your design.

Precision machining of composite products is a specialism. It requires experience, special tools, and safe and dust-free production areas. Refitech and CarbonWebshop has that specialist experience. We simply provide customised product solutions by combining standard products with professional Composite Post Processing.