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Custom Carbon Fiber Tubes

CarbonWebshop has a large range of ‘standard’ carbon tubes. The tubes are available through CarbonWebshop in standard lengths of 1 or 2 m. We can also cut the carbon fibre tubes to size as required and perform various post-processing operations such as drilling and/or CNC-milling.

Standard products

These carbon tubes are laminated with high-quality carbon fibres and epoxy resin (pre-preg). Carbon tubes can be used for many different applications. Some examples are given below:

  • Lightweight constructions
  • Frames
  • Robotic grippers
  • Precision measuring racks
  • Drones
  • Yacht building

Because different design rules apply to carbon composites than to traditional materials such as steel and aluminium, customers like to involve Refitech at an early stage in the development of new products. Refitech focuses on series production of custom composite tubes, from +/- 20 pieces.

Advantages of custom carbon tubes

Refitech develops and manufactures the right tube for your specification. No standard product, but exactly what you need.

  • Lightweight, strong and rigid composite tubes
  • Machine performance enhancement
  • Supplier with technical knowledge and experience
  • High-quality products
Capabilities Refitech

Contact us to talk about the possibilities.

  • Complex shapes
  • Insert bonding and assembly
  • CNC milling of insert pockets, contours and holes
  • FEM analysis for strength calculations