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Two-component adhesives for bonding composites and metals.

Mixing tubes M50DS (10 p.)

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Mixing tubes M50DS (10 p.)

Mixing tubes M50DS (10 p.)

€ 3,63

Mixing tubes 

Mixing tubes for both the Araldite 2031 and the 2029-1 epoxy glue's. Sold in packages of 10.

Epoxy glue Araldite 2031 50ml

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Epoxy glue Araldite 2031 50ml

Epoxy glue Araldite 2031 50ml

€ 30,77

The Araldite 2031 is a black epoxy glue - two components

Suitable for:

  • Fibreglass reinforced plastics

  • Fiberglass reinforced epoxies

  • Fibre-reinforced polyester

  • Thermosetting composites



  • High chemical resistance 

  • Gap filling capacity till 10 mm

  • Color: black

  • 1,3 g/cm³

  • Shear strength in combination with carbon: 8 N/mm²

  • Peel strength: 4 N/mm

  • Viscosity: thixotropic

  • Temperature resistance: -50°C till +80°C

  • Minimal hardening time for initial strength: 6 hours for 1 N/mm² at 23°C 

Starter Araldite 2031 epoxy adhesive

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Starter Araldite 2031 epoxy adhesive

Starter Araldite 2031 epoxy adhesive

€ 75,63

Starter Araldite 2031 epoxy adhesive

The Araldite 2031 is a black pasty two-component expoylijm .
Suitable for bonding :     

  • Fiberglass reinforced plastics and -epoxies     
  • Fibre-reinforced polyester and thermoset composites    
  • Ferrous metals, aluminum and copper


  • High chemical resistance     
  • Gap filling capacity up to 10mm     
  • Density: 1.3 g / cm³     
  • Shear strength : 24 N / mm²     
  • Peel strength : 4 N / mm²     
  • Viscosity: Thixotropic     
  • Temperature range: -50 ° C to + 80 ° C     
  • Minimum curing time for initial strength : 6 hours for 1 N / mm² at 23 ° C

The starter package includes:     

  • Manual gun for double syringes HP50DS     
  • 5 mixing tubes M50DS     
  • 1 x Araldite 2031, 50 ml of packaging      
  • 5 degreaser tissues
  • 1 sheet Scotch-Brite Red ( very fine )

With these two-component epoxy adhesives you can make incredibly strong and dynamically resilient connections. Epoxy adhesives generally have a relatively high inherent strength, are resistant to oils and solvents, and show relatively little shrinkage when cured. With these adhesives strong, high-load joints can be made; replacing traditional fasteners such as rivets and screws.
If two parts are connected with an epoxy glue, we define that as a structural connection.

A data sheet with specific properties is added to each glue. In addition to individual tubes, you can also buy a starter set with all the necessary materials for gluing.


Are you pulling a DIY? (Do It Yourself)

Some safety tips when it comes to bonding, drilling and cutting of composite products:

  • Work in a room with good ventilation and extraction.

  • Always use safety glasses and gloves.

  • Wear long-sleeved clothing and use a dust mask to protect your respiratory tract.

  • Provide sharp and good tools. This prevents damage to your carbon products.

  • Ensure a clean, dust-free and tidy workplace. This will benefit your end result!

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