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Waterjet Cutting Of Carbon Fiber Sheets

Welcome to Carbonwebshop, where innovation converges with 35 years of expertise in the production of custom carbon composite parts. Specializing in the precision machining of carbon composite sheets and panels demands expertise, specialized tools, and controlled, dust-free production environments. Carbonwebshop possesses this specialized environment. Join us on a journey through the advantages of affordable CNC waterjet cutting services and discover how our seamless processes set the stage for delivering excellence in every project.



The Power of Waterjet Cutting in Carbon Composites

Are you looking for precision waterjet cutting services near you? Refitech, the driving force behind Carbonwebshop, leverages high pressure waterjet cutting technology to process carbon parts with high precision. This technique, where a high pressure water cutter operates at a blasting pressure of approximately 3800/4000 bar, ensures clean cuts, constant high quality, and zero distortion or colour change.


We Are Your High Pressure Waterjet Cutter For Different Demanding Markets

At Carbonwebshop, we don't just cut, we craft - we're your partner in waterjet cutting custom and complex carbon parts. Our team is dedicated to providing expert advice and valuable feedback on your designs. We go the extra mile to optimize the nesting of files, ensuring the efficient utilization of carbon fibre sheets and sandwich panels without unnecessary waste. Effortlessly upload your design files and leverage our technology of affordable waterjet cutting carbon fibre, to bring your vision to life.

Wondering Which Materials We Can Cut From?

Dive into a world of design freedom with our expertise in cutting solid carbon fibre sheets, sandwich panels, and carbon honeycomb panels. Our precise waterjet cutting ensures your projects are crafted with perfection. Whether you’re envisioning carbon sheets or the versatility of sandwich and honeycomb panels, we’ve got you covered. Let your imagination flow, and let Carbonwebshop turn your concepts into reality, offering a range of standard materials for your unique waterjet cutting needs.

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Why order your custom carbon parts from CarbonWebshop?

High Quality Carbon Sheets
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ISO 9001:2015 Certification
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Discover Our Strength: Expertise in Waterjet-Cut Composite Parts for Different Markets

Choose Carbonwebshop as your go-to partner for the production of carbon parts, offering expertise from prototyping to series production. Our focus on high quality and repeatability makes us the ideal choice for demanding markets such as Machine Building, Drones/UAV, Defence, Aerospace and Mobility. Whether you need precision prototypes or consistent series production, count on us to deliver exceptional results, meeting the standards of your industry.

Machine Building

Empower your machinery with functional and high-performance parts, ensuring optimal quality. Our waterjet-cut components play a pivotal role in reducing the weight of moving machine parts, enabling faster and more precise movement, and ultimately enhancing overall machine performance and durability. Trust us to deliver precision solutions that contribute to the efficiency and competitiveness of your machinery.


Experience the agility and endurance of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles with optimized lightweight components. We are specialised in crafting lightweight parts, including components made from carbon sandwich panels. These high performance parts, a result of waterjet cutting, contribute to the overall efficiency and performance of your applications. Achieve the perfect balance between structural integrity and weight reduction, setting your aerial innovations apart in the competitive landscape.

Defence & Aerospace

Achieve components that are both lightweight and robust, essential for applications in Defence and Aviation. This ensures improved performance and fuel efficiency. We have a strong focus on quality and traceability, working according to established quality protocols based on our ISO 9001:2015 certification. Together, we will ensure your defence applications for increased battle readiness and deployability.

Mobility Solutions

Revolutionize the mobility sector with composite parts, striking the perfect balance between weight reduction and structural integrity. Our waterjet-cut solutions, including lightweight and stiff parts from sandwich and honeycomb panels, redefine your project’s possibilities. You can trust on us for weight saving solutions featuring optimized designs that offer durability and saves on energy consumption, but also seamlessly blend lightweight efficiency with stiffness. Crafted within realistic costs, we ensure efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality outcomes.

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A Streamlined Waterjet Cutting Process

Experience a fluid journey with Carbonwebshop’s waterjet cutting process: submit your files, undergo a quality check, receive a transparent quotation, and trust in our commitment to deliver precision-cut parts that exceed your expectations.

Guidelines And Other Things To Know: What is possible?

The production of high-quality composite parts demands adherence to specific guidelines. As you prepare your files, it’s essential to keep the following points in mind. These criteria not only contribute to the successful processing of your order but also play a crucial role in the overall precision and quality of the final components.

Your Project, Our Commitment

Refitech and Carbonwebshop offer more than a service; it’s a commitment to excellence. Embrace the future of manufacturing with waterjet-cut carbon composites. Whether you are a drone manufacturer looking to improve performance with customized parts or involved in machinery and robotics, our expertise ensures realistic costs and efficient designs suitable for composite production. Contact us today, and let us produce your custom parts which will redefine the boundaries of your application(s).