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Epoxy Glue Araldite 2031 50ml

Article Number: ARA 2901 2031

53,02 incl VAT

Epoxy glue Araldite 2031-1. A 2-component epoxy glue for carbon en glass fiber reinforced epoxy composites.
Contains: 50ml cartridge, 3 mixing tubes.

Suitable for:
Fibreglass reinforced plastics
Fiberglass reinforced epoxies
Fibre-reinforced polyester
Thermosetting composites

High chemical resistance
Gap filling capacity till 10 mm
Color: black
1,3 g/cm³
Shear strength in combination with carbon: 8 N/mm²
Peel strength: 4 N/mm
Viscosity: thixotropic
Temperature resistance: -50°C till +80°C
Minimal hardening time for initial strength: 6 hours for 1 N/mm² at 23°C

Download the glue instruction here.


Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 30 mm