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4-Way Couplings

Refiflex® offers engineers a flexible and simple method for making lightweight frames and constructions where rigidity is essential. By using carbon fiber tubes and carbon connectors, heavy aluminium or plastic connectors with mechanical connections are unnecessary. The carbon fiber tube connectors are stainless and resistant to many chemical substances.

Refiflex® 30R
Compatible with 30x27mm tubes
Refiflex® 25S
Compatible with 25x25mm tubes
Refiflex® 40S
Compatible with 40x40mm tubes

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Do you want to buy carbon connectors? Our 4-way couplings are easy to order through our webshop with fast delivery throughout Europe.

Industrial services

Besides our standard carbon products, we offer industrial services and post processing. These industrial services include CNC milling (in-house CNC milling machine), waterjet cutting, and cutting carbon products to size. You can add ‘cutting to size’ to your basket to order this. Precision machining of composite products is a specialism. It requires experience, special tools, and safe and dust-free production areas. Refitech and CarbonWebshop have this specialism in-house. More info here.


If you require any extra information about the technical specifications of our products, we can provide you with datasheets for almost all our carbon tubes. All the data we currently have available, you can find in the datasheets. If you’re looking for more technical information about the standard products and it’s not in the datasheet, then we don’t have that data currently available. Feel free to contact us here about custom requirements for your application.

What is carbon fiber?

We are specialized in the processing of carbon fiber, combined with epoxy resin. The lightweight products of CarbonWebshop are extremely suitable for large mechanical loads due to their strength and rigidity. Carbon composites can replace other materials such as steel and aluminium. Composite is an anisotropic material. Unlike metals, the mechanical properties of composite vary in different directions. This allows carbon composites to be used for various applications. With a good design, a carbon construction can be as much as 40-70% lighter compared to aluminium. Want to know more about carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP)? Feel free to contact us here.

Applications of carbon fiber

Carbon fiber uses can vary per industry. Carbon is mostly used in the following industries: drone/UAV, aerospace, defence, machine/product handling, grippers, robots and more…

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