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Pultrusion Profile 90x90x3000mm

Article Number: CBX 9090 3000

2.350,19 incl VAT

Pultrusion profiles with a high bending stiffness which can be connected easily due to the integrated mounting slots. Torsional stability is low and needs to be constructed together with bolts and cross sections to reach optimal rigidity. Perfectly suiteable for lightweight constructing and performance improving, modulair tooling and frames. Weight saving up to 50-70% compared to aluminium. Particularly suitable for calibration, measuring and robot grippers. These carbon profiles have a very low thermal expansion, are highly chemical resistent, high bending stiffness and lower weight compared to aluminium.

Where Rigidity is needed

These carbon composite pultruded profiles are highly appreciated for the construction of robotic handling systems. Lightweight, high bending stiffness and perfect grip handling precision.

Where ergonomics are required

For better working conditions. Because the frames are much lighter than aluminium alternatives, they are suitable for all-day use in the work process.

Where functionality is needed

The versatility of these carbon profiles allows them to be used in many applications: robotic grippers, measuring and calibration tools, components for industrial machines and for manufacturing.

CarboSix® Construction System

The CarboSix® line of carbon fiber structural profiles is the result of Alusic’s experience as a manufacturer and seller of aluminium profiles, components and accessories for the fabrication of structures in aluminium. Carbonwebshop/Refitech is an Alusic partner, and the official supplier for the Carbosix® product line in the Benelux and Germany.

The world’s only modular pultrusion profile in carbon fiber!

The unique characteristics of carbon fiber allow the creation of profiles with mechanical properties capable of bringing considerable advantages in the automation and industrial production sector. Industrial evolution is a colossal process that has shaped work, people and the environment. In all this the human factor is pivotal. CarboSix® has a well-defined mission: improving the quality of people’s work and the environmental impact, since everything is related to each other.

Where STURDINESS is needed
CarboSix® carbon composite structural profiles are highly appreciated for the construction of robotic handling systems.
Where ERGONOMICS are needed
For a better quality of working conditions, the characteristics of CarboSix® carbon guarantee the satisfaction of every need in the working process.
Where FUNCTIONALITY is needed
The versatility of carbon allows CarboSix® products can be used in any context: supports for robotic grippers, components for industrial machines, model making and design.
Where AESTHETICS is needed
The elegance and refinement of carbon is a must for any project that wants to be as captivating as innovating. Thanks to an advanced waterjet cutting technology, we can produce precise parts, adaptable to every need.

Which issues is CarboSix® able to solve?

High weight or inertia
From 70% to 50% weight saving with equal mechanical characteristics.
Higher stiffness
Stiffer structures with unaltered weight.
When section increase is not possible
Much smaller sections with equal rigidity and mechanical strength.
Thermal stability
Zero thermal expansion and high rigidity.
Production optimalisation
Increase in payload (for equal equipment, robots, engines, etc.). Increase in speed.
Higher efficiency
Engines, belts, drives, transmissions size and electrical consumption reduction. Maintenance costs reduction.
Corrosion resistance
Resistance to aggressive and atmospheric chemicals.

Do you have questions on how to integrate CarboSix® into your project?

We would love to get in touch with you to discuss the different possibilities of integrating the innovating CarboSix® product line into your business.


Additional information

Weight 9030 g
Dimensions 3000 × 90 × 90 mm


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