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Carbon fiber tubes

Round carbon tubes are available in different types with unique properties. 
All our composite tubes are produced under strict specification from high-quality carbon fibres and epoxy resins.
Each type of tube is available in a variety of diameters, in various lengths and optimum wall thicknesses.

The Carbon composite tubes are strong, rigid, and lightweight and can be used for many applications. Lightweight frames for machine construction, arms and robotic grippers for various fast-moving product handling systems, UAVs and drones, lightweight constructions and more.

The product range consists of five product lines, each with their own features.

  • The High Performance line. These high-quality prepreg tubes, beautifully finished with a transparent UV coating, offer excellent mechanical properties.
  • The High Precision line tubes offer the same mechanical properties, but instead of a coating, these tubes have a precisely polished outer diameter.
  • The Industrial Performance line is a range of tubes with excellent mechanical properties, at an affordable price and is available in lengths of up to 6 meters.
  • The Ultra Lightweight line is very suitable for super lightweight construction with good stiffness and considerable strength.
  • The Carbon Kevlar "High Impact" line . The technical performance of these tubes is aimed at higher impact strength than the "High Performance" and "High Precision" tubes.

The tubes are available in several diameters and standard lengths. The carbon tubes can be cut to size on request. We can also provide post-processing services such as drilling and CNC milling.

Want to build your own lightweight frame or structure? Take a look at the options offered by the Refitech RefiFLEX building system that offers a variety of carbon connectors. A unique solution for composite tube connections from

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