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Inserts For Carbon Tubes

CarbonWebshop offers several easy-to-use inserts for our carbon tubes. With these inserts you can easily connect tubes, finish, or turn them into a telescopic system. If required, CarbonWebshop will also provide complete gluing and assembly of frames and inserts, from prototyping to a series of 100+ pieces.

Custom made

Customization of a series of inserts is possible upon request (only series production). Based on your specifications and a CAD-file we will make a blueprint, taking into account the optimal load and bonding options. The inserts can be CNC-milled from various materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel or POM. Single piece production of custom made inserts is however not possible. Our engineering team will be happy to help you with a solution for your application.

Carbon telescopic systems

If you have a requirement to reach further, but don’t want to lift heavy loads, then CarbonWebshop’s lightweight Refiflex carbon telescopic systems are the solution you are looking for. The Industrial Performance carbon tubes, in combination with the plastic twist-clamp connectors, provide extra reach when carrying out various tasks. The telescopic systems have maximum rigidity and the easy twist-clamp connection provides a flexible solution.

Industrial services

CarbonWebshop has its own range of carbon tubes in different diameters and wall thicknesses. We can also cut the tubes to size according to customer specifications and perform various finishing operations such as drilling and CNC milling. These finishing operations are always in mutual agreement and the costs will be specified in advance in the quotation. To make sure that you receive the best-quality products, we ask you to read through all information on how to deliver your files, by clicking here.