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Refiflex® Carbon Connectors

Designing and building your own lightweight structures with the carbon tubes from CarbonWebshop? This is now super easy with the Refiflex carbon 2-way, 3-way and 4-way connectors. With glued Refiflex® connectors you can create constructions made entirely of carbon fiber. This means you won’t need heavier aluminum or plastic couplings with mechanical connections.

Refiflex® range

The Refiflex® range has been specially developed for the CarbonWebshop tubes, allowing you to build almost any type of frame yourself. The Refiflex connectors have the same low expansion as the carbon tubes, are also chemical and corrosion resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius.

With Refiflex® you make your construction super-light, strong and rigid, with less flexing. This ensures higher precision, higher dimensional stability and no risk of corrosion or metal fatigue. Refiflex® carbon connectors have been used to build gripper frames, ‘Pick & Place’ machines, extraction robots for injection molding machines, frames for heat exchangers and stand and stage construction, among other things.

The Refiflex® carbon connectors are available in 25mm (25S: 25x25mm), 30mm (30R: 30x27mm) and 40mm (40R: 40x40mm) diameters in 6 different types. The couplings can be connected to the tubes and box sections using two-component epoxy glue. This epoxy glue can also be purchased at CarbonWebshop.

CarbonWebshop assembles and glues frames for its (industrial) clients if needed. This also applies to further processing, such as cutting, CNC-milling and painting. Feel free to contact us about your requirements.

Industrial services

CarbonWebshop has its own range of carbon tubes in different diameters and wall thicknesses. We can also cut the tubes to size according to customer specifications and perform various finishing operations such as drilling and CNC milling. These finishing operations are always in mutual agreement and the costs will be specified in advance in the quotation. To make sure that you receive the best-quality products, we ask you to read through all information on how to deliver your files, by clicking here.