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The Royal Dutch Mint

Dutch coins have been minted in Utrecht (The Netherlands) since 1567. As one of the oldest companies in the country, the Royal Dutch Mint is proud of its rich past. Besides minting currency, the Royal Dutch Mint focuses on the international collectors’ market with coins, tokens and coin-related products.

The Netherlands
The Royal Dutch Mint
Commemorative Coin Carbon Inlay
Commemorative coin paralympic for champion Bibian Mentel

In March 2021, Dutch multiple paralympic snowboarding champion Bibian Mentel passed away. With her optimism, vitality and commitment, she showed that life is too beautiful not to celebrate, no matter what challenges are thrown your way. In memory of this exceptional athlete, the Royal Dutch Mint launched a special silver and gold commemorative coin. The proceeds go to the ALS Foundation, the Princess Máxima Centre, Make-A-Wish Netherlands and the KWF Cancer Relief Fund, among others.

Carbon inlay

The silver commemorative coin comes in luxury packaging with a snow-covered mountain top. The packaging contains an inlay made of carbon, as a reference to the material of Bibian’s leg prosthesis. CarbonWebshop produced the inlay by order of the Royal Dutch Mint. The inlay is custom-made from a 5mm carbon sheet. Using a waterjet, holes are cut in the carbon so that the coin can be placed seamlessly.

Custom carbon sheet

Thanks to waterjet cutting, almost any shape can be cut out of a carbon sheet without deformation or discoloration. CarbonWebshop offers industrial customers the opportunity to have their desired shape made from carbon sheets using this technique.

Why did The Royal Dutch Mint chose for the combination of waterjet cutting and carbon fiber sheets?
– We have a large stock of carbon fiber sheets available
– High visual quality of carbon fiber sheets (for a luxury product)
– Proactively thinking along with the customer
– Waterjet cutting with a tolerance of +- 0,2mm
– High volumes are possible
– Low start-up costs