> Waterjet Carbon Fiber Sheets

Waterjet Carbon Fiber Sheets

Waterjet cutting carbon fiber plates from our product range is possible for any client. This is a way to cut shapes from virtually any sheet material. This type of processing ensures clean cuts, consistent and high quality, and no distortion or discoloration. Contours can be cut from standard carbon plates.

Custom carbon parts

Precision machining of composite products is a speciality. It requires experience, special tools and safe and dust-free production areas. CarbonWebshop and Refitech have this specialist experience. CarbonWebshop provides technical support and helps you with your design. Custom carbon parts are therefore accessible to all our customers. To ensure that we can deliver the best quality products to you, we ask you to first read through all the information regarding the delivery of your files. You can do this by clicking on the MORE INFO button below. Also, take a look at all our carbon plates.