Refiflex® 40S 2-Way Connector

Article Number: CKC 4001 1000

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2-Way carbon connector fitting the 40x40mm square carbon fibre tubes. The connectors are finished with a twill outer layer.

With Refiflex® we offer engineers and constructors a flexible and simple method for making lightweight frames and constructions where rigidity is essential.

By using glued carbon connectors, heavy aluminium or plastic couplings with mechanical connections are unnecessary. The carbon composite materials are stainless and resistant to many chemical substances. All our composite pipes and fittings are manufactured under strict specifications using high strength carbon fibres and epoxy resins. The fibre structure of the tubes and connectors is precisely determined. As a result, the strength is the same in all directions and is tailored to the round tube. It is up to the user to determine whether the connectors and the frame construction are sufficiently strong. After all, each composition of a frame is different.


With these carbon fibre connectors you can build a lightweight frame. Combine these different connectors with 40x40mm square tubes.

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Carbon Post Processing

Besides our ‘ready to ship’ standard products, we offer industrial services and post processing for both the professional and private sector.

CNC Milling
A technique for milling many different shapes accurately and quickly. We have two automated milling machines for composite work, so all standard products can be milled to your requirements.
CarbonWebshop can shorten round and rectangular tubes, and saw plates and panels to any desired length. You do not have to cut yourself and think about special tools and suction; we are happy to do it for you. We also offer special adhesives and accessories for properly bonding carbon to carbon or metal.
Assembly of Interfaces & Inserts
In addition to various automated operations, we also provide complete gluing and assembly of frames and inserts for industrial customers. From prototyping to a series of 100+ pieces.
Weight 36 g
Dimensions 170 × 40 × 40 mm
Refiflex System